Bangalore & Kolkata

Pandit Tarak Bhattacharya

The influence of Vedas and Upanishads

I was interested in spiritual practices from a young age. I became involved in mantras and religious ceremonies. I believe that Sanskrit is a divine language containing all the mysterious secrets of the universe. I wanted to study and research Hinduism.  

My Blessed Upanayana 

When I started the study, I became confident about learning the truths of religion and astrology. I am doing pujas (min. charge: Rs. 1000 for a visit) and learning more even today. 

Visiting temples and conducting prayers and ceremonies keep me busy. I wish to gain greater knowledge and experience with senior priests. 

My native place Nabadwip

Having studied at the University of Kalyani in West Bengal, I am located in Garden City, Bangalore. Following Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese puja customs, I offer my services to families and institutions in India and globally. 

Vastu and Grihapravesh, Marriage and New Business, such important occasions require the auspicious blessings of the deities through ceremonies.