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Durga Puja

Commencing on Mahalaya and also known as Navaratri, Durga Puja honours Goddess Durga. She vanquished Mahishasura and symbolically destroyed evil. Celebrations begin on the sixth day and last over five days.

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Kali Puja

Traditional rituals in honour of Goddess Kali occur by night, and the red hibiscus flower is compulsory. Destruction of evil forces and peace and happiness, health and wealth blessings are sought by ardent devotees.

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An auspicious entry into the new home seeks the blessings of higher powers. It holds within 90 days of entering the new residence; the purpose is to avoid harmful energies.

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While a man and woman join hands in marriage, they undertake worldly and spiritual duties together. Havan and other ceremonies seek to bless the union with favourable energies to last a lifetime.

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Fulfilment of marriage with the birth of a child is a divine blessing. Annaprashan marks an early happy phase in the child’s life with the commencement of solid food. Anna means food.

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The little one has many miles to travel along a lifetime. Starting a student life to be guided by a Guru or teacher is a significant occasion along the march to knowledge.

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Vastu Puja

Lord Vastu protects the house and grants blessings of prosperity. Ceremonies invoke the forces of nature and the four directions. They help to attract positive energies and ensure fruitful existence for the family members.

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Particularly men in Hinduism carry out a ceremony to honour dead ancestors and appease their souls. Offering prayers and food to the dead, the living receive blessings of peace and prosperity.

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